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Bug Disco is a Intelligent solar powered insect killer.

The light attracts insects buy positive phototaxis, the insects are effected by the special light tested frequency they get dizzy and end up in the water and drown.

The Intelligent Solar Sparkling Insect Killer unit electrocutes the insects.

Chemical free Organic farming.

Effective insect killing rates of up to 85%

Solar powered.

Bee and natural enemy friendly

$660.00 Unit
add $110.00 Delivery NSW ACT
add $110.00 Assemble

Field Test Results
$1100.00 unit
add $110.00 Delivery NSW ACT
add $110.00 Assemble

(A) Structure and Principle:

With the application of photosensitive solar panel, maintenance-free lead acid, Ni-MH battery, this Intelligent Solar Insect Killer can transform sunlight into electricity and store it. It overcomes the disadvantage of traditional methods of pests killing with black lights and takes advantage of best wavelength, variational light, and light resonance principle to kill pests according to their phototaxis and nocturnal habits. This special wavelength can attract pests to the covering area of the light from 10 to 30 acres. Then, the special light frequency and wave frequency can make the pests dizzy in a very short time. At that time, the pests will fall into the water container automatically. Therefore, this machine is called “Bug Disco for Insects” or “Insects Killing Weapon Without Chemicals & Electricity”.

(B) Characteristics:

1. High Technology:
This machine is equipped with 8 distinctive functions: light control, time control, rain control,lightning protection, security, overcurrent protection, overcharge protection and overdischarge protection. It integrates with Electronics, Physics, Electrochemistry, Optics, Entomology and Botany Protection. Being innovative in many aspects, this product is in a leading position internationally.

2. Wide Application:
This Intelligent Solar Insect Killer is never restricted to regions or crops. It can be used to kill pests for rice, peanut, vegetable, soybean, wheat, corn, tea, cotton, tobacco, grape, melon, sugarcane, lychee, longan, mango, carambola, strawberry, flower, coffee, apple, orange, banana, wood, greenhouse, cane sugar, fish pond, etc.

3. Wide Area Covered:
One set of this Intelligent Solar Insect Killer can cover an area of 10—30 acres. Its lifetime is up to 7—10 years.

4. High Efficiency:
The killing rate of pests using Bug Disco can reach more than 85%.

5. Strong Pertinency:
This Intelligent Solar Insect Killer is designed to kill various pests, but not their natural enemies. As to those pests with strong resistance against pesticide or chemicals, such as cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Rice Leafroller ), chilo supperssalis (Asiatic Rice Borer ), tryporyza incertulas ( Yellow Stem borer ), ostrinia furnacalis ( Asian corn borer ), prodenia litura (Cotton leafworm, Egyptian cottonworm, Mediterranean brocade moth ), spototere enigua, nilaparvata lugens ( brown planthopper), sogota furcifera, laodelphax striatellus (small brown planthopper), grasshopper, cutworm, and many more. This insect killer is specially effective in attracting and killing them.

On the other hand, it can help to protect the natural enemies of pests, such as wasp, oophagous trichogrammae, dragonfly, mantis, parasitic wasp, syrphus fly, lacewing, black spider, and so on.

6. Multifunctionality:
Besides killing various pests for crops, this Intelligent Solar Insect Killer can also kill mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches effectively for residential areas.

7. Friendly to the Environment & Cost-effectiveness:
The source energy for this insect killer is direct sunshine, which means chemicals are not needed, pollution will be reduced dramatically, and energy will be saved. In addtion, specific staff employed to keep an eye on the machine is not needed at all. When the basin is filled with pests, change the water and add a small amount of washing powder.

8. Responded to Our Country's Policy:
The idea and design of this Intelligent Solar Insect Killer conform to the national policy relating to agriculture, rural areas and farmers, the policy of environment protection and the industrial policy. Thus, it can reduce the heavy burden for farmers, and help to protect the environment. Since its source energy is regenerative solar energy, electric wire or conventionalelectricity are not required at all.

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